fvest airdrop

Fvest Airdrop

Fire Futbol Fun is not just a Soccer platform but a community for passionate football fans. We aim to make your football experience more interesting by rewarding your engagements. This is the major reason why we decided to have a community token called FVEST. Let’s look at the details and benefits of FVEST.

FVEST- An exciting and rewarding Football experience

FVEST was birthed to reward football fans and give them passive income while holding. So let’s call it a token that guarantees you a great investment while you have fun. Total supply is capped at 50 million only and will be launched on Polygon and BSC. Benefits includes but are not limited to the following:

  • Auto Reflection: Hold FVEST tokens and earn reflections from taxed transaction fees. This enables you gain more value over time.
  • Liquidity Rewards: A great part of our token supply will be set aside to reward liquidity providers and stakers over a long period of time.
  • Access to Competitions: Holding a certain amount of FVEST tokens grants you access to our monthly and weekly competitions where you compete with other fans to earn exciting prizes.
  • Gift Items: Hold a specific amount of FVEST tokens to be drawn in a raffle. Raffle winners will receive free branded goodies from Fire Futbol Fun.
  • More utilities to be announced with time

How to earn FVEST tokens

We’ll be allocating a minimum of 5 million FVEST tokens to our airdrop pool to reward early and active community members. We will increase the allocation if the campaign gains more exposure. For a start, fans can only earn tokens through points gained by interacting on our website and zealy campaign. For the first stage, all points earned will be exchanged to FFP tokens at a ratio of 1:1. This ratio will be reduced by 50% from stage 2 till the campaign ends. So Early birds earns most! We’ll focus on how you can earn by interacting with our website in this post. Follow our social communities to be updated on future announcements.

Football Fun Points $FFP

We will airdrop FFP(Football Fun Points) tokens to every eligible participant. FFP tokens are minted on Polygon Testnet with the same supply as the mainnet FVEST tokens. There’ll be a snapshot of all FFP tokens held by participants and a subsequent airdrop of FVEST tokens to their wallet after TGE. The total FVEST airdrop one can earn will be equivalent to FFP tokens held at the ratio of 1:1.

Users can earn points by completing several activities on our platform. These activities and corresponding points are listed below.

  • Registration: Each registered user on our platform will earn 10 points. You need to be active to retain your points as our system will flag bots and deduct all points earned.
  • Referral: You can refer your friends and earn points. You earn 3 points per verified referral and can refer a maximum of 2000 friends. To get your referral link, replace the xuser with your unique username. https://fball.fun/account/?mref=xuser For example https://fball.fun/account/?mref=johnny if your username is johnny. You can also earn 1 point for referring unique visitors capped at 200 points for each user.
  • Daily Login and Visit: Each user earns 1 point daily for visiting our website and another 1 point for logging in.
  • Comments: Each user can earn 1 point per approved comment. You can earn a maximum of 20 points daily for comments. To prevent spam comments, the system will deduct 3 points for each comment flagged as spam and 2 points for each comment flagged as trash. Severe cases will lead to flagging and banning of affected accounts.

You can always find your points balance in your account dashboard here. You’ll also get email notifications for points earned. It’s time to earn some fortunes while you have fun!